Historian’s Corner

As STCA’s Historian, I am pleased to present an invaluable collection of historical materials on the Scottish Terrier and the STCA. If you know of any other items or have some in your possession that you would be willing to share with the world and have published in this library, please contact me.
Janet Tomlinson at aerohillscotties@gmail.com.

Donated by William (Bill) Berry – Motherwell Scottish Terriers

Edith, a freelance writer, who wrote for for Great Scots Magazine for many years. Ink is in her genes, as Edith grew up in a family-owned weekly newspaper and was running an old hot lead linotype at the age of 12. In college she also worked on the campus newspaper. To add to her list of accomplishments, Edith is a former member of the Dog Writers Association of America. Thank you so much, Edith, for giving us permission to share your books.

The Puppy Who Found The Baby Jesus – Ages 3 to 6 – by Edith S. Weigand – Copyright Zhera Publications

If Mandy Ruled The World– Ages 3 to 7 – by Edith S. Weigand – Copyright Zhera Publications

Maggie May – Scottie Angel – By Edith S. Weigand – Copyright Zhera Publications

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