STCA Health Trust Mission Statement

STCA’s Health Trust Fund (HTF) is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to the health and quality of life of the Scottish Terrier. Formally established on October 8, 1994, the HTF has the following mission:

  • Identify important health issues in the Scottish Terrier

  • Support research to enhance the understanding, the prevention and the cure of these diseases for the betterment of the Scottish Terrier
  • Communicate important new health and breeding information and research findings to all Scottie owners and breeders through education and outreach
  • Monitor health in the Scottish Terrier using Registries, Health Databases and periodic breed-wide surveys
  • Support Scottie breeders with discounted health testing, clinics and screening
  • Contribute for the future health and preservation of the Breed

The Health Trust Fund is not able to give specific veterinary advice. The articles located in the Guardian Newsletter and the Health Library serve as a resource and provide overviews of various health topics. If available, your breeder may be willing to serve as a health resource and may be an excellent source of information. Whatever other resources you may seek out, we strongly urge you to consult your personal veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment of any health problems you may encounter with your Scottie.