Cerebellar Abiotrophy (CA) Registry

This page contains the names of Scottish Terriers that have been diagnosed with Cerebellar Abiotrophy and voluntarily released to the STCA by their owners. Because the CA registry is open, it is important for visitors to understand what the registry represents. Please review the following three documents (also available in the Health Library.)

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CA Affected Database

Last updated: 6/5/2017

All listed dogs went through the official diagnostic process for CA that was established by Dr. Jerold Bell, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, and Dr. Alexander de Lahunta (retired), Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. The dog information was released to the STCA by their owners or breeders. Historically, all dogs of any breed diagnosed with CA by Dr. Bell or Dr. de Lahunta were subsequently confirmed to have CA on further testing or necropsy. In the rare event that a dog’s CA status ever changes, it will be posted to this list. This database list has been provided as a method to help breeders make informed decisions.

Date Added Name* Registration Date of Birth Sex Sire Dam
Jun 05, 2017 Pendlehill Warlord RN23599501 26 Apr 2011 Ch Brueik Magnum Opus Pendlehill Enchantment
May 10, 2012 Rosedale Wardevil O’Kintail RN07536905 1-jan-2005 CH Warscot Devil in the Kitchen Charthill Love Letter JE
Feb 07, 2012 Kinross Tempered Steel RN210665/03 29 June 2010 Ch Hijinks Black Watch of Bridoon (RN167672/01) Ch Casi’s Temper Tantrum (RN121605/05)
Feb 07, 2012 Anstamm Renegade Mischief RN129246/03 19 Dec 2006 Male AM CH Anstamm Revelaire Renegade (RN005224/03) AM CH Anstamm Midnight Mischief (RN079065/01)
Apr 22, 2009 McVan’s Fast Freddie RM188195/01 10 Jun 1996 Male AM/CAN CH Caevnes Devils Due ROMS/HOF AM CH McVan’s Nut N Honey ROMX
Apr 22, 2009 Mgghee of Nevar UG242130 (UKC) 17 Apr 2008 Male Nevar’s Meet Joe Black Nevar Curse of the Black Pearl
Dec 01, 2008 Teddy (Unregistered) RN159867/04 26 Nov 2007 Male
Jul 01, 2008 Oliver (UK Rescue) unknown Male
Jul 01, 2008 Rosedale Bogart Bear RN075369/06 1 Jan 2005 Male AM CH Warscot’s Devil in the Kitchen Charthill Love Letter JE
Jun 13, 2007 Jacglen’s Iona of Oban RN074751/03 25 Jan 2005 Female AM CH Anstamm Like A Rock ROM AM CH Jacglen’s Journey to Oban
Jun 01, 2007 Dunedin William Black Yates RM300905/03 5 Nov 1999 Male Dunedin Earl of Camper Down Dunedin Dimple
Jun 01, 2007 Beinnein’s Linus KA647930 20 Jan 2000 Male AM/CAN CH Beinnein’s Devils Advocate Beinnein’s Magic Spell
Jun 01, 2007 Watson Skinner RM147962/05 7 Jul 1995 Male Wilson’s King Roue-Fuss O’ Briens Ramblin Rosie
Feb 09, 2007 Savannah Percy RM275571/01 9 May 1999 Male High Jink’s Rufus Foxfire’s Georgie Girl (UK)
Feb 09, 2007 McLyn’s Lady from Hell RM251439/01 3 Jun 1998 Male AM CH Fairoak’s Damn Yankee McLyn’s Fiona of MacNab
Dec 04, 2006 AM CH Anstamm Tidal Wave RM178333/04 18 May 1996 Male AM CH Anstamm Riptide ROM AM CH Anstamm Black Mariah ROMX
Nov 26, 2006 Griffey RM333985/0? 22 Jan 2001 Male AM CH Schaeffer’s Karascots Keynote AM CH Ashmoor Manderley Gem Twist
Nov 26, 2006 MacKenzie (Unregistered CA) unknown 3 Jan 2002 Female
Nov 26, 2006 Mitscots Scalasaig O’ Colonsay RN008593/01 9 May 2002 Male AM/CAN CH Caevnes Devils Due ROMS/HOF AM CH Mitscots Tennessee Twister
Nov 26, 2006 Stalwart’s Radiant Rumor RM197420/01 19 May 1996 Female Win-K Royal N Stalwart RDT CAN CH Stalwart’s Radiant Revelation
Apr 18, 2006 McAlpine Crown Jewel RB281460 14 Nov 1988 Female AM CH Sun-Rays Summer Sun ROMX AM CH Lochlaymen’s Winds of McAlpine
Apr 18, 2006 Hamish unknown ~ 1998 Male
Apr 06, 2006 Gus (unregistered CA) RM196209/01 11 Sep 1996 Male Kay Lee Max a Million Wandersees Oakie of Lloyd’s
Apr 06, 2006 Hamish (unregistered South African-born) unknown Dec. 1991 Female
Apr 06, 2006 AM CH Caevnes Autumn Sorcery RM032972/02 31 Oct 1991 Female AM CH Charthill Worthy of Colwick ROMS Caevnes Amy March of Alcott
Apr 06, 2006 Charthill Flowers of the Winds RM326232/01 4 Oct 2000 Female AM CH Wild Wind Son of the Sea AM CH Charthill Victory Garden
Apr 06, 2006 Hulett’s Scot Terror RM177947/03 31 Mar 1996 Male York’s Scooter Two Black Lady of the Dawn
Apr 04, 2006 Angus (unregistered CA) RM129890/01 19 Dec 1994 Male McDuff of Oakleaf Fibber’s Molly Doll
Apr 04, 2006 Becca unknown ~ 2001 Female
Apr 04, 2006 Bonnie (unregistered CA) RM310901/04 28 May 2000 Female King Pippy Mat-Su Dixie
Apr 04, 2006 Casey unknown ~ 1998 Male
Apr 04, 2006 Maggie (Unregistered CA) RN021441/?? 13 Feb 2003 Female AM CH Su-Ets Devilish Charisma Palo Verde’s Kelli Mae
Apr 04, 2006 Murphy unknown Fall 2001 Male
Apr 04, 2006 Sean Elihu unknown ~ 1994 Male
Apr 04, 2006 Barbo’s Mistletoe and Holly RM192923/02 15 Dec 1996 Female AM CH Selkirk Road To Galashiels Barbo’s Ebony Chatelaine
Apr 04, 2006 Black Watch Jock RN002752/01 31 Mar 2002 Male High Jink’s Rufus Foxfire’s Georgie Girl (UK)
Apr 04, 2006 Casi’s Magic Evermore RM330726/04 27 Nov 2000 Female AM CH Casi’s Millennium Magic AM CH Glenby Forget Me Not
Apr 04, 2006 AM CH Top Brass Reveille O’ Jacglen RM207924/01 1 Feb 1997 Female AM CH Scotsglen Christopher Robin AM CH Top Brass Jacglen’s Foxy Lady
Apr 04, 2006 Coleco Wild Thing RM117880/02 23 May 1994 Male AM CH Selkirk Road To Galashiels AM CH Auchenscot Learig of Scarista
Apr 04, 2006 DanZin Thanks for the Memories RN041177/01 11 Dec 2003 Female AM CH Charthill Bravo AM CH Charthill Icing on the Cake
Apr 04, 2006 Gaelforce Ace in the Hole RN036237/04 4 Aug 2003 Male AM CH Glenby Hidden Treasure Gaelforce Yours to Kiss
Apr 04, 2006 Gracenote of Walking Shadow RN021910/05 3 Apr 2003 Female AM CH Neidfyre Vitta Rouge ROMX Glenheather Midnight Starr
Apr 04, 2006 Gryndlscot Braveheart NW913313 17 Nov 2003 Male AM/CAN CH TKO Waking Ned Devine CAN CH Oban Clear N Present Danger
Apr 04, 2006 Gryndlscot Milky Way NW920303 26 Apr 1998 Male AM/CAN CH TKO Waking Ned Devine CAN CH Oban Clear N Present Danger
Apr 04, 2006 Gryndlscot Scottish Toffee NW913314 17 Nov 2003 Male AM/CAN CH TKO Waking Ned Devine CAN CH Oban Clear N Present Danger
Apr 04, 2006 Hawk’s Maggie RM266726/05 28 Dec 1998 Female Warfield’s Duke of Wheat Cloie Elizabeth Warfield
Apr 04, 2006 Hollyloch Blue Moon RM271543/01 2 Mar 1999 Male AM CH Hollyloch Dress Blues Hollyloch Rhubarb Rock
Apr 04, 2006 Manderley Maid of Honor RM333425/03 20 Jan 2001 Female AM CH Ashmoor Manderley Traveler AM CH Ashmoor Manderley Betwixt
Apr 04, 2006 McLyn’s Fiona of MacNab RM115540/01 20 Apr 1994 Female AM CH Stonecroft’s Iago of Brigadoon McLyn’s In Spite of It All
Apr 04, 2006 Miz Emma Lou MacScottie RM188870/02 18 Oct 1996 Female Chip’s Bruce Dandie Robertson Teddy’s Amy Scarlet Robertson
Apr 04, 2006 Murphy Sylvester MacTavish RM151066/05 2 Aug 1995 Male Mighty Zues of the North Lady Megan McMurphy
Apr 04, 2006 Neal ST-0129368 28 Jul 967 Male Hidalgo’s Bigg Ladd/Huey’s Ladd of Edinbrough Huey’s Missy of Douglas/Miss Wheaty of Vickhaven
Apr 04, 2006 Sir Oliver McDuff of Dundee RM207924/03 27 Apr 2002 Male AM/CAN CH TKO Waking Ned Devine Pipers Sweet Lass Megalina
Apr 04, 2006 Spencer Dee-Oh-Gee RM197366/02 10 Jan 1997 Male Jeremy’s Douglas MacArthur Okuley’s Bonnie MacDee
Argyle’s Lil’ Laird Dudley RN09286001 Argyle’s Lil’ Bagpiper Argyle’s Summer Wind


Please contact the STCA Health Trust Fund for information on the diagnosis and adding dogs to the CA registry.