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Scottish Terrier Club of America provides educational opportunities for individuals seeking American Kennel Club approval to judge the Scottish Terrier breed. The purpose of this committee is to present Scottish Terrier Breed Seminars and other educational forms that may fulfill this duty throughout the United States. Breeders, exhibitors, and interested persons are encouraged to attend and participate as well as to those seeking judging approval.

STCA Judges’ Education Coordinators:

Contact the STCA Judges’ Education Coordinators for information regarding presentations on the Scottish Terrier and/or to schedule a ringside observation

Candidates to judge the Scottish Terrier are strongly encouraged to observe the breed during major entries at the National and/or Regional Specialties. Observers should attempt to observe with a variety of mentors and follow the rules for observations on the AKC website. All prospective judges are strongly encouraged to obtain “The Illustrated Guide to the Scottish Terrier” c2010 from the STCA.

Download AKC Ringside Observation Form
Order “The Illustrated Guide to the Scottish Terrier”

STCA Approved Breed Mentors:

All judges’ mentors that meet the STCA Requirements of 15 years experience in Scottish Terriers and have groomed, conditioned and successfully handled 15 dogs to championship status. In addition their dogs have been Winners or better at (2) regional or national specialties. These mentors have been approved by the STCA Board of Directors. These individuals are available in regions of the United States and are generally available for assistance and ringside mentoring. In addition to these judges mentors may observe with other individuals that meet the AKC criteria including approved judges with regular status judging the breed for over 12 years.