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CAUSBreeder: Nancy Xander
Kennel : XTC
Phone: 213-494-4605
Available: 07/20/2024
Date of Whelp: 04/27/2024
Sire: GCHB Bravo Reach For The Stars
Dam: GCH XTC Follow That Dream
Total Dogs: 1
Total Bitches: 0
MOUSBreeder: Paula Brewer
Kennel : Rudy's Scottish Terriers
Phone: 573-308-2057
Available: 08/31/2024
Date of Whelp: 06/28/2024
Sire: Rhett
Dam: Penelope
Total Dogs: 8
Total Bitches: 0
NYUS Breeder: Dana Johnston
Kennel : Kingsdale
Phone: 315-329-4605
Available: 03/12/2024
Date of Whelp: 12/19/2023
Sire: Woburn Image Maker
Dam: GCH Sno Pond's My Miss Markle at Kingsdale
Total Dogs: 2
Total Bitches: 1
NYUS Breeder: Beth Skillman
Kennel :
Phone: 585-663-9222
Available: 07/13/2024
Date of Whelp: 04/24/2024
Sire: GCH Macritchies Thorstein the Red
Dam: Chess Above De Maddening Crowd
Total Dogs: 1
Total Bitches: 0
OKUSBreeder: Bonnie & Roger Collier
Kennel : Bonhaven
Phone: 918-812-6674
Available: 05/22/2024
Date of Whelp: 03/12/2024
Sire: Bonhaven’s Skin that Smoke Wagon RN37808301
Dam: Bonhaven’s Soul of a Sailor RN38427902
Total Dogs: 1
Total Bitches: 0
OKUSBreeder: Theresa Stewart
Kennel : Rohan Ridge
Phone: 405-659-3507
Available: 07/22/2024
Date of Whelp: 04/29/2024
Sire: GCH CH Glenn Eyrie's Marvel Hero at Rohan Ridge
Dam: Hillview's Die Another Day Bond Girl
Total Dogs: 5
Total Bitches: 0
TNUSBreeder: Belinda Holman
Kennel : Cane Creek
Phone: 931-252-0200
Available: 08/10/2024
Date of Whelp: 05/24/2024
Sire: GCHP Woburn Barbary Iron Man
Dam: Cane Creek Moonlight Sonata
Total Dogs: 3
Total Bitches: 6