Available Puppy Listing

This form is for Scottish Terrier Club of America (STCA) Breeders posting available litters. STCA Breeders posting available litters are required to be STCA members, are listed on the STCA’s Breeder Referral list and have signed the STCA’s Code of Ethics.

A listing can be created to indicate that you have a litter with available puppies. You can list multiple litters, but you will need to submit separate listings.


  • This form and criteria apply to both STCA Breeders in the US and our international breeders.
  • This mechanism is to supplement your current waiting lists of potential clients. It does not support placements of adults.
  • The listing is only for new litters: the litter must have been delivered (have a whelp date, have puppies on the ground) and be under 1 year of age.
  • The listing is limited to 45 days. If you want or need more days, start another listing after the first one ends.
  • You can set the listing to start any time after the whelp date of the litter. You can set this to sometime in the future.
  • As per the STCA documents, the available date cannot be sooner than 10 weeks after delivery. You can, of course, make it later.
  • Please list dogs and bitches that are available. If one or more of the litter are already reserved/placed, DO NOT include them in the listing.

Note to breeder: Information provided and its accuracy is the sole responsibility of the Breeder submitting listing. Listing will expire after 45 days. The STCA does not promote, endorse, recommend or guarantee any individual, stock or kennel. All discussions, assurances and contracts are between Breeder and the individual(s) inquiring about a litter. Breeder is strongly encouraged to respond to each inquiry.

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