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The Scottish Terrier Club of America (STCA) is dedicated to the pedigree dog and adherence to sound principles that enable this wonderful breed to flourish. Members are a diverse group united in their interest in the breed. They spend time with their dogs at home on the sofa and at a variety of activities, including social events and all kinds of competitions. Some also breed and raise puppies. Some participate in the rescue and rehoming of abandoned or unwanted Scots. All love their dogs.

The STCA sponsors two conformation specialty shows and other performance activities each year to encourage quality breeding and sportsmanlike competition and fellowship. We offer support to our twenty regional clubs, each serving its area and hosting all kinds of activities.

Our Spring specialty show rotates around the country and our Fall specialty is held in conjunction with the Montgomery County Kennel Club’s show in Blue Bell, PA. For current information, please visit our Events & Program event information.

As one of the most progressive of breed clubs, the Scottish Terrier Club of America formally established the Health Trust Fund in 1994, dedicated to the health and quality of the life of the Scottish Terrier. The HTF’s mission focuses on the identification of important health issues in the breed, research support to enhance the prevention and cure of diseases for the betterment of the breed, communication, breeder support, periodic breed-wide surveys, and the future and preservation of the breed.

The Club has taken an active role in rescue since the 1970’s and in 2005, a Rescue Trust Fund was established to accept tax deductible donations, to support rescue groups with necessary funding, and to be prepared for emergency needs, such as the closing of large puppy mills.

Throughout our website, we hope to convey who we are, what we do and how you can learn about our extraordinary and versatile breed.

STCA Officers and Directors 2022-2023

Office Directors Class of 2024 Directors Class of 2025
President: Pam Williams (OH) Ellen Avery (GA) Danica Burge-Garside (CA)
Vice President: Ann Davis (ME) Lisa Hills (ID) Suzanna Mackey (GA)
Recording Secretary:  Kathleen Dunleavy (MD) Jeff Jones (KS) Christine O’Brien (IA)
Corresponding Secretary: Theresa Kay Thomas (TX) Amy Pelle (NY) Dee Smith (NV)
Treasurer: Mark LaBonte (CA)
AKC Delegate: Helen Prince (MD)

Scottish Terrier Club of America Committees

The Board shall each year appoint such standing committees as needed to advance the operation of the Club or to aid the Board on particular projects. The Standard Operating Procedures of each Committee is available under SOP’s in the Member’s Section of the website.

Many of our committees are actively seeking volunteers. Please contact the President for more information or use the button above to contact the committee chair. We welcome your participation!

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  • Judges Education
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  • One on One Breeder Mentor Program
  • Pedigree
  • Performance Sports Committee
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  • Registry of Merit Committee (ROM)
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