Joining the STCA

The Scottish Terrier Club of America is dedicated to the pedigree dog and adherence to sound principles that enable this wonderful breed to flourish. We encourage your support and involvement as we strive to engage with breeders and owners in this pursuit.

STCA Member Benefits:

  • Education and Mentorship
  • Access to Health Trust Fund Research, Grants, and Library
  • Research Pedigrees and Registry of Merit Titles
  • STCA leaders in conformation, performance, and companion events
  • Membership roster to stay connected with fellow STCA members around the world
  • Access to the STCA Breeder referral service and free listing at the STCA website
  • Access to 20 Regional Club affiliation nationwide for local specialty shows and events
  • Participation in Junior Showmanship sponsorship, grants and scholarships
  • The Bagpiper Magazine, National WrapUp newsletter and STCA broadcast emails
  • Participation in national and regional legislation efforts with attendance at conferences
  • Opportunities to rehome Scottish terriers in need and to serve on STCA committees
  • Membership fees are $30.00 per year for Individual membership, and $40.00 per year for Family membership (husband and wife; parent and off-spring; or two persons residing at the same address)

  • Junior membership fees are $15.00 per year

  • A one time initiation fee of $30.00 per membership unit is payable with this application or any reapplication for which a membership has lapsed for more than one year

  • Total fees due with this application are $60.00 for Individual membership or $70.00 for Family membership and $45.00 for Junior Membership

Applicants whose completed applications and supporting documents are received on or before THREE WEEKS PRIOR TO THE BAGPIPER deadline will have their names published in the next Bagpiper. Current Bagpiper deadlines are – January 30, April 15, July 15 and October 15. Following an eight-week period from the date of mailing of the Bagpiper, for membership input as to applicants, the Board will vote on your application.

Moneys will be refunded if the application not approved.

New Member Application Package

This package contains instructions and all application forms –

  • Application
  • Code of ethics
  • Sponsors forms (2 copies)

Other forms of interest:

The forms should be submitted to the STCA Membership Chair, Lisa Hills (