Junior Showmanship

The American Kennel club (AKC) offers classes to evaluate the abilities of the young handler. Unlike the typical conformation classes, the presenter is being directly evaluated to determine how well he/she is showing the dog. Junior Showmanship is open to children between the age of 9 and 18. It presents a great way for a young person to learn about dog shows and how to handle dogs.

Learn more: https://www.akc.org/sports/conformation/junior-showmanship/

What can I do to help a junior get involved?

  • Join the STCA PAWS for Juniors Programs

  • Encourage your children to participate

  • Lend a dog.

    Often juniors do not have a dog or cannot keep the dog at their house. Therefore, they are looking for someone with a dog to share.

    A finished champion is an excellent dog for a junior to use. They have ring experience and are used to being judged. Many champions enjoy the travel, preparation time, and experience in the ring. A champion is often an older dog, so is less active.

    Since the Scottie requires more grooming, the idea of the dog living with you and traveling only on show days has some benefits.

    All you need to do is to extend the dogs registration to include the junior or a member of his/her family.

  • Bring them along.

    An issue for juniors is getting to the ring. Not all parents have the time or facilities to go to lots of dogs shows. As with any competition, time in the ring and time practicing are important to making progress.

    Since exhibitors are going to shows anyway, offer your time to bring the junior along.

  • Take on a Junior.

    Again, not all would-be juniors have the financial backing or logistic support. You can work with the parents to be that person, providing funding for entries; meals and lodging for show weekends.

Mentor or Sponsor a Junior


Help juniors join STCA, pay their initiation fees, and communicate with our new juniors in order to help them remain active in the sport. Sponsors may also purchase and sponsor junior trophies for STCA or regional Junior Showmanship competition.


Assist juniors by lending/co-owning a dog they can exhibit, assist with grooming and handling instruction. Possibly help finance individual juniors (on occasion) so that they can attend events they aspire to attend or qualify to attend.

How to become a sponsor or mentor?

Simply call or email Barbara Casey, STCA Junior Showmanship Chairman and volunteer. (503) 812-4970 or by email. For more information and to read about two outstanding Junior members, please see The Bagpiper 2012, #2, pages 48, 49, and 50.

Grants and Scholarships for Juniors

STCA PAWS for Juniors – STCA’s PAWS for Juniors Program is designed to encourage participation of juniors in all aspects of conformation and performance events. Learn more here: View the Paws For Junior Slide Show

STCA Grants and Scholarship Information – To assist the junior and their family, the STCA provides grants to help defray the cost of participation.

Grants are earned by junior participation in AKC Junior Showmanship and STCA events and by meeting the point criteria for outstanding performance in any combination of conformation, agility, and obedience, as well as performance events throughout the previous calendar year from September 1 to September 1.

One grant is awarded per qualifying STCA Junior Member per year with a maximum amount of $500, and a minimum of $100.00. The number of grants will be determined by the number and quality of applications received and the funds available through the STCA Junior Incentive Fund.

In addition, the STCA is providing scholarships to assist active juniors in their higher education goals.

Annual $1,000 college scholarship(s) will be applied to undergraduate studies for junior members of STCA in good standing. The number of scholarships will be determined by the number and quality of applications received and the funds available through the STCA Junior Incentive Fund.

Any high school junior or senior (ages 16-18) that is involved with Scottish Terrier showmanship in AKC/STCA activities. To be eligible, the applicant and parent must be a member of STCA in good standing. Applicants need to be a junior or senior in high school in good academic standing (according to AKC criteria 3.0 or above) or have documentation substantiating the meeting of quality home school standards or special needs requirements.

Below are applications for the grant and scholarship programs. Please download or print the applications and follow the instruction for submission to the STCA.

Learn More about AKC Resources for Juniors: https://www.akc.org/sports/juniors/