Final Results for 2023

The results listed below are the entire 2023 year. They have been reviewed and verified by the Tally Committee and membership. They will be published in the Bagpiper awards issue and the awards presentation at the 2024 October STCA Club Dinner.

The Bagpiper only lists the top 10 qualifying positions for each award. Additional positions are provided to aid in determining your position

Novice Earthdog (NE)

Julia's Star Maggie Mae The Force Be With You NE (B)

Awarded: 2023-08-19

Sire: CH Sno Pond's Power Surge

Dam: Beatrix Balvenie

Breeder: Ms Dorothy M Harris

Owner: J S Haas

Junior Earthdog (JE)

Fox Spring's Thompson JE (D)

Awarded: 2023-10-21

Sire: CH Mcmurphy Bud Lite

Dam: Fox Spring Campbell Hiwood Dazzle

Breeder: Catherine Mills Kirby, Betty Lou Breese

Owner: M D Lauber